Sunday, May 29, 2005

sunday rest

it was another beautiful day for this weekend   i think the forecasted rain is finally arriving at this hour   or so the sprinkles say   it was suppose to rain since friday, but we only got a few showeres at the base and in the mountains for a few moments friday late afternoon   the remainder of the city stay dried and although clouds have drifted in every evening, no was a sluggish day, but i had a great date with Russ   he worked on the virus on my computer, with no luck, while i grilled steaks for us   we had good conversation although i felt half asleep for my restless nite hence the teddy bear right now   i'm ready to go curl up with one or my dogs and hit the sack....tomorrow will be a day of a couple projects   clothes organization and putting in a new sink & cabinet in my guess bathroom   my neighbor Dell was throwing an old one out, so i scarfed it up   i already needed to replace the faucet and had just discovered i really needed to replace the sink   well i haven't ever done this before either, so this will be another journey for my handywoman license   it should be fun....and tomorrow at 3pm locally, i will take a moment of silence in recognition of our fallen heros....Happy Memorial Day everyone....

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jolie424 said...

I sure hope your sleep isn't restless as last night...sounds like you are going to need every ounce of engry you can muster with all the projects on your to do list....try to find some time to do something Fun!  I love the teddy bear graphic!