Sunday, August 24, 2008

another sunny day

finally got my doggies their shots today   got to see sum old friends too, Nancy & Cheryl   Cheryl's the vet, but Nancy assists her in the shot clinic   i met these women when i first arrived in NM 20yrs ago   i haven't been in touch for a long time   Nancy lives just around the corner maybe i should go pay her a visit soon    i hadn't kept in touch for she hadn't   once she found a partner she went her own way   i was a little hurt at the time, but all has been forgiven   i was young & dumb at that time  had my own wounds to heal anyways   so maybe i'll go pay a visit  see how her & Cathy are doin'   we hugged as though no time had gone by   It's all good! kids behaved really well today too despite being soooo excited   hadn't taken them out of the house/yard in a long time because they didn't have their shots   workin @ the p.o. for 20yrs and having all the dogs i've had, i learned how people can be really weary of other dogs as well as their own dogs being aggressive towards mine   dog fights can easily flare up from the other dogs   mine are teddy bears for the most part   my rottie tho may get enticed into a fight and so i'm really protective of her   but again she did really well today    she did snap when one of the assistants insisted on petting on the hip despite me specifically telling him not to do so    she has hip dysplaxia really really bad and is very sensitive and protective there   fortunately when she snapped she got my hand slightly   no damage done but i was perturbed with the assistant   next time i'll take a muzzle just for precautions because after the assistant she wouldn't let the vet listen to her heart beat   you'd think with them working with dogs all the time, that they'd know not all dogs have an easy temperment   i learned that deliverying mail  Goodness...all's well that ends well the meantime, i bought me some shoes for ridin' the bicycle   caught them on sale   was going to wear my Keen shoes, but really didn't think they were made for ridin'   haven't had tennies in a few years now   so i dropped in @ Sports Authority to see what they had   they're brown too   good for the mud once i ride the trails on the mountain   but alas, i still didn't get out on my bicycle yet since i've bought it   one darn thing or another and tonite i have the last Isotopes baseball game to go to   if i hadn't invited a friend, i think i'd skip it    but tomorrow will definitely be ridin'it   also need to go find a trail to hike for our hike group  it's going to be another busy day but thankfully i have no commitments    although i know time is an illusion, it still feels like there's not enough time...too much to do, not enough time! 

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rdautumnsage said...

I'm in agreement there are times you would think the vets and their assistants would be more knowledgeable. I have to keep reminding my vet, Pickles will not cooperate with them unless I'm there. She is trained to never leave my side and it scares her something will happen to me. Once they listen and the lead leash is in my hands things go smoothly. It's strange they don't expect her to react fearfully being a working dog. Let me see how they react with a shot shoved in their behind. (Hugs)Indigo