Wednesday, August 13, 2008

back 2 the Olympics

   it's a beautiful morn   for once i was up early  will hit the trail here soon the moment i watch the Olympics again   starting with women's volleyball   i got in on the Cubans vs China    great volleyball match   great power play...but now playing is the USA's women's basketball game vs Mali   now i don't know about you, but i hadn't heard of the country Mali   yes i learned my geography in junior high, but has there been more countries developed since then?   probably so and i can't remember every country in the world   so now i ask where is Mali?   must get a world atlas and find out...our women are dominating them, but Mali women are giving it their heart & soul   that's one thing i've loved about the Olympics   all those athletes giving it their all   the Olympics is more about the Spirit more than anything to me   granted it's great to win the Gold or any medal, but it's just as much about those who fall short, who just miss the mark by only a few points, their Spirit regardless of the result   The Olympics represent the heart & soul in all of us...

now, in the meantime, i was reminded this morn about guitar lessons   now that i'm not going to CNM (Central New Mexico community college), i could pick up guitar lessons again   i'll wait til after the G.C. trip for every penny is going towards it at  the moment   ...Life is still Good!


midwestvintage said...

  The one thing about not having TV is I do miss the Olympics.  I loved the gymnastics.  I always wanted to play an instruments but am pretty much tune deaf.  Oh well, I appreciate others talent.  Love the pictures.


lv2trnscrb said...

oh how fun with the guitar lessons! too bad you don't live closer, my husband is an excellent guitar player; been playing for 45 plus years

so glad that life is still good :)

I'm enjoying the Olympics too; its neat to see the talent there and the hard work with their training


jmorancoyle said...

    I love the Olympics. I've heard of Mali. Where it's at, I'm not sure. On the other hand, every Olympics I learn of another country I never heard of. Besides sports, it's a good education.

sunnyside46 said...

love the pictures
I like the Olympics for a bit but it goes on and on
I must have a short attention span....what was that?????