Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday..a day of rest

                          Splash2 by BenoitPaille

another hot day, and no rain lately   we could use sum more of it again   it's back in the high 90s again   i headed out for a hike today, but had no energy   my body was drained   even with an energy drink, it wasn't enough to mustard me up the trail   so i came home   i now know that sundays will be a day of rest especially after working 2days in a row on my feet again all shift long   how did i ever do it at the p.o.   guess i'm out of shape for standing on my feet so long again   so i'll build myself up again   plus i'll rise early for the hikes right now   just too hot otherwise   how people hike the Grand Canyon in the summer is beyond me   no wonder they have so many rescues there   people must not know the heat....anyways, the latest news is George didn't get the job  so he'll be going with me to the G.C. after all   he also indicated in an email to me that while he's in school he won't get a job   so it looks like i won't be going alone   that's good news   now it's gettin into really good shape.....yesterday i found a car seat for Lil Miss Madison to go in my car   so now her & i can go hiking from time to time   i'll hike with her about once a week if permissable for part of my conditioning   for now i'll hike on my own with a 20# pack or so before i take her out   by then it should cool down some too   usually the cool fall wind starts blowin' in around mid-August   it'll be much better for her too   we'll still go early in the morn   then i'll return her to her grampy's just about time for her nap   i'm looking forward to spending a little time with her   i always enjoy what time i do get with her    should be an adventure   in a few months, she'll be 2yrs old and she's ms busy beaver    anyways, it'll be fun   for now, i'm going to vegge in frontof the tv   rest mybody for a bit before tackling house & yard cleaning   tomorrow is the true beginning of my conditioning   i'm pumped!

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sunnyside46 said...

love the picture
Glad you are going to have company on your trek