Saturday, August 16, 2008

a prayer

O my beloved God, love I you greatly,

who hath loved me,

who hath been the fire in my sword,

who hath been the blue in my mantle,

who hath been the life

when death should have plucked my bones.

O my God, it has given me strength,

when I should have been weak and failed.

O my God, it is you

who hath made me worthy,

for I am nothing without you.

And you are the one that hath showed me

silver in a bird's wings across the moon.

And it is you who hath made

the clouds like phantoms over the hills,

And it is you who let me see the evening,

and hear the musicians of the water creatures

in their nightly serenade.

It is you who allowed me

to slumber in the bough of a great tree.

O my beloved God, love I you greatly.

i needed a prayer this morn   this is my favorite of Ramtha's teachings a spiritual master who goes beyond than just inspire is a cool morn   those cool winds of fall finally arrived here over the past few days, just as i expected   deliverying the mail for 20yrs i learned the subtlies of change in the seasons, the temperature, the wind   i welcome them each in their own time, own season   each season a time for Change not just outside of me but from my journey within   Change like the seasons ..the birds sing outside my door   they're happy at the moment for i just gave them their bird seed   the last bird feeder i put up has lasted and there are no more stolen feeders   the birds rejoice each day with their food no matter what i put out   i recently bought cheaper food to see if they'd eat it   a friend recommended i mix it with the good stuff   now that i know they'll eat it, i'll mix it   should bring back the doves again   they like the good stuff better, or so it seems....anyways, there are days i'm a deep thinker and may inscribe that here  there are days i'm soul searching for myself in the midst of Life   and there are days my illness teaches me again and again of Life's purpose and joy   lately it is doing so  (for those who are new to my journal, i have a mental illness   with medication most of it is taken care of, but i still suffer from depression often   i consider it a gift  it has taught me much especially to appreciate the moment of Now and the present of the day   truly yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here...)   truly my life is a spiritual one not separate from anyone or anything, but living in the ongoingness of life and all it's adventures    the above prayer reflects so much of my heart and soul....there's more to come


sunnyside46 said...

what a gift you have
to consider depression in a positive manner is an oxymoron
you amaze me every time I read you!

rdautumnsage said...

A beautiful serene prayer my friend. I've been searching for my serenity these days...I find myself fighting depression from time to time. It took me 2 years after my deafness to find that calm that would help me get through it without the medication. It sounds like you have learned to appreciate the gifts life offers, no matter the size or were they come from. That in itself is a gift to youself in more ways than one. (Hugs)Indigo

midwestvintage said...

 Great way to look at life and a healthy way to look at life.  Appreciate each day as a gift.


rjsisti said...

Beautiful prayer!

Hugs, Rose

ksquester said...

You have come a long way.  Lovely picture and prayer.   Anne

jmorancoyle said...

    The prayer is beautiful. I understand what you mean about your illness. It makes you appreciate those days when you aren't depression. And I think I've spent some time there myself. I am ADD. I am not hyper, like my son, but I have an attention problem. As you said, this is also a gift. Where I might not be able to attend to some things, there are other things that draw my attention and won't let me go.