Monday, August 11, 2008


finally!!!!   this is the 4th try in getting these photos loaded   i'm writing the entry while i figure out how i want ot display them above  ...ok, first go grab your Java or whatever you want to drink   i took 110 photos and they're all loaded here   at my last resort for trying to get the photos downloaded via aol journal here, i selected all of them..sit, relax and enjoy

now a note, it's 12:30am tuesday morn  not the hour i had planned on bringing them to you  so if i don't make any sense in the following, you know

MADrid was an old mining town  they stopped mining in 1962 i believe i read the sign (included in a photo here)   today the town is full of artists   or some say it's a hippie town    anyways, the town is FULL of color   i took loads of photos of the houses/stores   as you can see each is a different color   everything is art here   they make everything into art, including the mail boxes (those included too)   i took photos of some of the art work for sale  even some of the flowers which i hadn't seen before and fit right into the art flair of the town   the art i took pics of is only on the outside of the stores   there's tons more artwork inside the shops...then i went to the museum where you'll see the old train, old gas station, fire truck, bulldozer and other stuff including the Executive Lounge(out house)   actually the only public restrooms in this town are the Las Portables out houses   i did notice they have built an out house like those in the national parks, but it isn't open quite yet   it's a artistic, rustic place  rustic is my kind of place   my Java Junction is the most rustic place and that's probably why i like it so much   anyways, i hope you enjoy the photos   i'll post them one at a time in the future (not all of so you can see them enlarged...right now, it's bedtime IF i can sleep   drank coffee late so i could stay for the entire ballgame   it's been a great day    i'll be back soon...


lv2trnscrb said...

cool pictures!!!! looks like you enjoyed your visit there!

(that town didn't change much from when we were there 12 years ago, but I guess they want it not to change; part of the appeal of it I'm sure)

enjoy the day


midwestvintage said...

Love all the shots.  I will have to visit it someday.


robinngabster said...

Wow!  I need to spend an afternoon in this town!  LOVE it!  I am a rustic girl too, what a neat place.  Thanks for sharing those photo's I was torn between sitting and looking at the pics and reading ahead and then coming back to the pics.  :)