Sunday, August 24, 2008


cute siamese kitten          so, i go to Vicky's house tonite 2 pick her up for the baseball game   she has 3 new kittens, siamese, almost identical to the above pic   they're absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!   she rescued them in the wild while visiting Colorado   they, and 2 others, were being chased by a coyote   she managed to capture 3 of the 5   the other 2 were too wild already to capture   she couldn't even get close to them   but alas, she did capture 3   i'd love to bring one home   i haven't had a cat in like ages   not sure my Boo (rottie) likes cats though    i really need to think about it before i even attempt it   i'd bring it home in a carrier and test drive it from there    not that i need another animal, but i just fell in love with these kittens although only one of them, the male, liked to be petted    hmmmm, i'll sleep on it   i did have cats about 15yrs ago, but lost them when i moved out into the mountains   really enjoyed them then   they can be so precious and peculiar   anyways, really have to contemplate this   Boo requires enough attention as it is   not sure she needs anymore competition from another animal   Jimmy i have no doubt would be fine with the cat   he's soooo mellow   in the meantime, i wrote Marsha an email when i got home   she's been thinkin' about gettin' a kitten   maybe i'll go visit the kittens again tomorrow   it's really tempting at this moment......

anyways, Jesse, Vicky & i went to the last home game of the Isotopes   we lost by one run   there were fireworks afterwards, but we didn't stay for them   watched them as we headed to our cars   it was another fun nite with Jesse   he had his arm around my chair all nite long   not reading anything into it, but i'm keepin my eyes & ears open   he wants to go shoot pool sometime   the friends he's staying with, which i know, he says act like old people   so he wants to get out   i'll hang out with him   i'm definitely into living like you're dying and since his days are numbered, what the heck   his attitudes are good   he's fully accepted his cancer and its condition  "it is what it is"  he keeps goin' no matter what as best as he can   he's lasted a year longer than what they expected anyways  who knows, he may last another ten or so   it is truly living in the moment   his Spirit is great and he's still laughin'   so i'm grateful to get to know him a little and enjoy his presence   he's teachin' me thru all this by the way he's handling it   he is a blessing in disguise   what a gift he is to Life and me   Thank you Spirit for bringin' him into my life...amen! 


rdautumnsage said...

I can't imagine my house without cats in it. I have 4 inside cats besides Pickles. The kittens sound too adorable to resist. Jesse sounds like he would enjoy spending some of those last days with you. I would take it as a blessing and gift that he is willing to take those precious hours and share them with you. (Hugs)Indigo

jmorancoyle said...

    It is amazing how much strength comes from someone who is frail physically. They are inspiring. Makes you think if they can survive, so can you.