Sunday, August 10, 2008


well, can you tell i've been a little bored    i added a few items in ALL ABOUT ME section, plus i changed the background color again   the blue went better with the things i posted    the photos of the other people are my son Kyle (Army) and Jorje my daughter with her husband Mark   for those who don't know they're technically my nephew and niece, but i adopted them as my own for various reasons   so when i talk about my son and daughter you now have photos to associate them with....

anyways, i took a nap   guess i needed that one today   then i went and checked out Jesse's mountain bike for sale   for the price he wants plus the tires/tubes i need to buy for it, it's the same price as a new one at Wally World   but i've told Jesse that i'd buy his bike from him already   i'll help out a friend  plus for the riding i'll probably do, his bike is ideal   plus i like the color   it's a peach color   he's going to put the new tires/tubes on for me   plus work on the rear brake cable  it needs adjusting but it's a good bike   and riding it today, i felt like i was learning ALL over again   even when i got Stephen's out recently, goodness i thought i was going to wreck on   that's what i get for riding a motorcycle for a few years now   a HUGE difference   kept wanting to ride with my hands   God!   i'll be fine   i can get on it in a few days   will pick the the tires/tubes tomorrow   he'll have it ready tuesday i'm in the meantime, guess it's time to get back to reading my books   i've not read a book in a month and usually my nose is always in a book   i have plenty of time on my hands right now, so i'll find something   Sudoku is ok although it still kicks my butt from time to time   now i need another challenge besides hiking the trails and riding my bicycle for my conditioning   Life is Good (which by the way, my package from ALL THINGS JEEP finally came back to me..i think i mentioned the p.o. screwed up the delivery of it)  got my Life is Good shirt on with a Jeep on it, berry color   matches my new bicycle  anyways, that's the excitement for now   i'll see you soon on this again   tomorrow will be hectic IF i make it to MADrid    if not tomorrow, i will wednesday or thursday this week for sure   a couple errands in the morn, plus finding bicycle parts before MADrid, then hurry back to a Isotopes baseball game tomorrow evening   may be too much to squeeze in for one photos soon, i promise!

p.s.  the above photo is of a Black-headed Grosbeak   i think i named it incorrectly the first time i posted it...and yes i took this photo:-)


sunnyside46 said...

I love your busy life

midwestvintage said...

 We are getting ready for another ride today and I am excited to use my new camera clip on bag.  I can carry both camera's.  I just got a new canon and so far suck at taking pictures with it.   Love the shots you have.  I always wanted to ride a motorcycle.  Looks like so much fun.  I hate being a passenger  though, I want to be in control, LOL