Wednesday, August 20, 2008

loooong day

what a day!   whew   i left the house about 9:30am   just got home @ 8pm   i wasn't expecting it to take so long at the optemtrists office   i went to get an eye check up and came out with sorta bad news   i have a cataract in my left eye   the only correction that can be done is surgery   i don't even like the word surgery   granted it will be minor surgery, but it's still surgery   the doc did explain it to be a bit   i had a young doctor, but he called in a guy my age to double check   perfect 20/20 vision in the right eye   the left eye is healthy all but for the cataract   the blood vessels look good the eye looks good everything about the eye except the cataract is good    he thought it might have been caused due to trauma   i had to think a moment but i remembered way back when in my youth when a big bully (my sister's boyfriend) gave me a black eye   couldn't see out of it for 2-3days   after remembering that incident i was ready to kick some ass   i calmed down laterz   the doc did say sometimes they don't know what causes cataracts   and i saw Marsha tonite and she said the same thing and informed me of 2 people she knows our ages that have had cataract surgeries recently    well at least i now know what the blurryness has been about in the past few months   i just thought it was more aging after the doc's office, i went & bought my new bicycle w/helmet   ready to ride tomorrow....but then it was off to Marsha's   she was babysitting Madison(above photo) this evening   as soon as i walked in the gate, Madison came running and gave me a BIG  HUG   girl did that make my day   i haven't seen her in a week or so   she was really Happy to see me   we played a little then ate   she played sum more and i had some great laughs   she definitely brightened my day today...btw, she's my hiking buddy too....she's growing fast and understands everything we say to her   she turns 2 in October and i'm guessing that's when she'll start talking too   she says a few words now, but i'm anxious for her to really start talking  tonite her mother, Diana, asked where was Pooh & Eyore   Madison came right over to my watch   she knows!   she's always coming over to my watch and pointing and trying to say something   she's such a JOY  she's always a HAPPY baby too    so anyways, she put a bright spot in my day    now i'll wait patiently for them to schedule the surgery   hopefully it'll be done before we go to the Grand Canyon   ....goodness i had no idea my left eye was soooo bad until he covered the right eye  whew!   LIFE CHANGES    i'm ok really, just a little shocked   it's all good   thank goodness for progression in medical science   i wouldn't want to see like this the remainder of my life   the doc said it was my choice for the surgery or not   i didn't hestitate for the surgical option   it's enough i'm hearing impaired  i'd rather have my eye sight so i can at least see all the beauty in the world.... 


jmorancoyle said...

    I know I have an uncorrected astigmatism. It bothers me most when I try to read. I used to read constantly before, and now it's a struggle to make myself get through a book quickly. Good luck having it taken care of. You'll be fine.

midwestvintage said...

 I was told I have the beginning of a cataract also.  Gee, I didn't expect that for around 10 years, LOL.  Good luck with it.