Sunday, August 3, 2008

interesting twist

so, a friend at church asked me recently if knew anyone that could help her with her yard work   a few bushes pulled, general clean up and landscaping    she had seen me watering at a neighbor's lawn from her house   she thought maybe i could help anyways, i call an old co-worker from the p.o.   i had just seen Dennis recently and he came to mind   when he & i chatted he wanted to know if she was single   i told him she was dating someone...well tonite, i get an email from her   she had contacted him and he was over there working for her   well thru their conversations, he found out she was no longer dating anyone   he asked her out....i want to call him and harass him right now, but won't   but i had to tell someone, so i'm writing this in here   not going to tell anyone at church out of respect for Barb    anyways, i gave her my thoughts on Dennis   he's a Good guy, but i don't know him that well   at the p.o. we never really got to know our peers unless we hung out a lot   and i didn't hang out much with anyone there except Tjnya   i was just a private person mostly   besides mixing business with pleasure sometimes can create trouble  besides, i was really shy back then too....anyways, this should be interesting of what pans out, or doesn't   Barb will keep me posted on Dennis    i'm still giggling over this....

anyways, this entry was really to make a note   there's still a slight possibility George won't go with me to the Grand Canyon   he has no money right now   he'll know in October if he gets his financial aid from school that, i was re-calculating my own finances  IF gas prices don't go down AND George can't make it, i may postpone this trip til next spring  it wood be better financially for me too then   but who knows, i may throw finances to the wind and go alone anyways    i'll know in October for sure one way or another   so right now, i'm not going to invest too much money on equipment til i know for sure    i do have a backpack already & sleeping bag   everything else i CAN wait til October to purchase   Divine right actionwill happen and it'll ALL work out as it should be   i know it wood be better for someone to go with me   it's just i can be pretty damn stubborn to me my friends.

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sunnyside46 said...

all in good time
My niece read your MySpace and said you were awesome