Monday, August 11, 2008


so, i just talked to my therapist about school, church class and the Grand Canyon   she agreed with me   that going to CNM and taking the church class wood be too much for me   so i have to give one up at the moment   so i'm going with my gut which is to take the church class   so maybe in January i'll start CNM, but i'm not giving up on it   i will get it done.....

in the meantime, i'm rethinking Jesse's bicycle   can't find the tires i need for it and plus i think i need to buy a real mountain bike with the flexible suspensions on the front wheels for off road   there are some trails in the foothills that i hike but also many people ride their mtn bikes on   i really want to do those one more phone call on tires before the final decision   right now i'm off for the day   still not sure i'll make it to MADrid today  will see about noon time today, the time i'll be finished with errands...until laterz, have a great one

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lv2trnscrb said...

so neat you can talk over plans with someone and can come up with a workable plan :) I'm sure you'll make the right choices for you (not sure what CNM is, but thinking some type of college or training?)

enjoy your day too!