Friday, August 29, 2008

at home with the news

so i' come home tonite after work to the news of John McCain's V.P. pick   so he chooses a woman   that doesn't surprise me   and that doesn't sway my vote anyways   i would have love for Obama to pick Hillary for V.P candidate, but it didn't happen    Palin doesn't represent what i stand for   most Republicans don't   i don't think Palin's nomination is a victory for women at all   she's anti-abortion   i'm pro-choice   i don't want any government telling me what i can or cannot do with my body   ...anyways, i ususally don't make political statements here  but today i chose to do so   today was a good day startin' with my hike   the wind blew my cares away before i went to work   i was so much more relaxed at work today after the hike   too bad i won't have time for another hike before work tomorrow, but i need to be in earlier and i need to water my ex-boss' lawn before i do   but earlier in means i get to leave earlier tomorrow nite  it's all good.....i did also talk to Ellen, our church administrator, today about the job i applied for   i wanted to make sure i could have at least 16-20hrs there, otherwise it wouldn't be worth me going there   she insured me that i would   George told me on the hike today that he's doin one day a week of that job, so i needed to find out how many were goin' to be on the team and how many hours i'd get   i'm confident i'll get the job   they know my work from volunteering and are probably a little bias about me   and actually Ellen did tell me she had me in mind when the job came open   so now i just need to wait it out   i didn't tell my boss at the convenience store today about it yet   i want the job in hand before i do   so anyways, all in all, Life is Good still   as my friend Anne said in comments recently, it's mentally challenging at times   she sure did hit the mark on that one!    Thanks Anne   you're a gem!


ksquester said...

Well, I was surprised at McCains pick. I think it was a brilliant move on his part. I can't help but to feel that this point in history, I have never known a minority to be on a winning matter WHO wins.  I am for change.........big change.  I look at the all of the possibilites that are out there. We need a big health care child or adult who can't afford it should go without coverage. Talk about being discrimatated against if you have a mental illness.....just forget about even trying to find insurance.  I like people who know what the common man/woman is all about and TRYS to do something to improve things.  GOSH..........this is becomming my rant....haaaaaaaaaa!  Anne

jmorancoyle said...

    I agree with you about Palin. She's just a little to right of center for my taste. I live in a big metropolitan area, and we have the threat of gangs and gang violence. I am not NRA. As Barak said, we need to know that we can take the AKA47's off the street while not hampering gun ownership for the rural hunters. As far as abortion is concerned, I'm Catholic, and pretty much go along with the Church on this one. The thing is, sometimes you have to make choices that aren't easy. I don't want to see abortion taken off the table. Palin's selection has changed my mind at all.