Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the dark knight

  Clown Prince of Crime -InsaneKane87

so, i finally see this movie tonite   wanted to see Heath's last picture   he performed greatly   something about the movie tho was disappointing to me, but i can't place a finger on it at the moment   it was a dark movie and i didn't care for the twisted ending  and it twisted my mood as well   i'll have to think about sum of the messages conveyed there   interesting to say the least   glad i finally got this movie out of the way   i haven't seen a movie in months   the previews caught my eye, but nothing really stood out   Keanu Reeves will be in another one in the future, but the subject matter didn't hold my attention   so although Keanu will in it, i'll skip it    hopefully i'll find a better movie soon, or another good book at least   books hold my attention better than the film industry   all is not lost   i needed to vegge tonite and that is what i did!

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ksquester said...

Catching up on your journal. I was gone for a week.  I heard that movie was very dark.  Too scary for me though.  I was to see something really funny but alas nothing is out there yet to catch my interest.  Hope the kitty can adapt.  Anne