Tuesday, August 26, 2008

still no kitty

so i went and got the kitten   at the moment she sits atop my desk here   the dogs are outside and that's where they'd be if i kept her    i kept her in the crate when i brought the dogs inside   they sniffed, she swiped at them   don't think she'll ever be where she's not afraid of anything bigger than her   Vicky was tellin' me that the kittens are even afraid of a much bigger cat that hangs around her house   i sit here tryin' to figure if there's a way to keep her  IF she could ever get used to the dogs, or just not the dogs, but anything bigger than herself....anyways, Vicky just picked her up   she sure is a lovable kitten   she purred the whole time she was here when she wasn't atop my desk or entertainment center   too  much of a wild experience for her...another time, another day for a kitty.


rdautumnsage said...

Awww...kittens are usually shy in the beginning. Even though I handled the kittens that were born on my porch from day one, when they first started exploring and romping around they were shy and afraid of their own shadow. Over time they started pouncing on Pickles, it was amusing as all get out. Pickles is good natured though, she would have a kitten swinging off her tail and another trying to climb one of her legs. We had all we could do to get her in the house without being pounced. When a kitten is relocated it takes at least a week for them to become accustomed to their surroundings, different sounds and habitats. If not this kitten, I have a feeling you will be getting one sometime in the future. (Hugs)Indigo

jmorancoyle said...

    As I said, I've had cats and dogs together. They get used to each other after a while. My Sheeba is best friends with Mike, and she sleeps with Blacky. Pizza will swipe at Sheeba now and then. I have more problems with Mike getting along with everyone. Not to mention all the cats are afraid of our guinea pig, Lefty. She's so tiny and so friendly. Still, not one of my animals were chases by coyotes. That's huge. I hope for the best for you and all your pets.