Wednesday, August 13, 2008


so, i got on my old trails i usually do today   it was a struggle, but i endured an hour + a half    several momentarily stops along the way, but i' made it   i realized it's not that hot anymore, not even at 92degrees  there was a nice cool breeze blowin   it's mostly i'm out of shape   so think i'll commit myself to this daily til i'm doing better in a 2hr time span   i did take the heavy pack too, so i'm happy with my results today   next week i get the bike  my cardio will improve immensely and the trails will be easier to do....

after the hike i went to the westside to a park near my old house   this has a great view for a night shot of the city   the bad news=the park closes @ 10pm   so i won't be able to go there this fri or sat to capture the full moon, darn it    so i'll look for a place over here next to the mountains to capture the full moon   i don't get off work til 10pm or later   so, i'll have to improvise    plus if i remember correctly, this is the time for Harvest Moon, which i think it means not only harvesting, but the full moon sits on the horizon early in the morn   i'll check that out early saturday morn to see if i can capture it    i've got the tripod now   good time to test drive it   wish me luck! 

i swear this is a ghost house...this is the only house on the street that hasn't been restored in a long time   this gave me an eerie feeling when i first saw it, and it sits next to my JavaJunction.


robinngabster said...

Is the ghost house empty?  Boy would I love to poke around inside it, wonderful pictures!

lv2trnscrb said...

looks like a ghost house for sure!!

can't wait to see what pictures you get of the moon!!


jmorancoyle said...

    That house does look spooky. I remember when my son was planning a Boy Scout hike of 50 miles into Michigan. He took the pack out and carried it full as he walked to work everyday. Good luck on all of this.