Thursday, August 14, 2008

my babies

these are my babies, Jimmy & Boo (Tabbou)   Jimmy is the BIG guy, Boo is the rottie    i haven't shown them lately but they're my best companions   anyways, so i called the vet's office to make an appointment for their shots   <i spaced it last year-duh>   so the vet's office wanted to charge me $230 for their shots   $50 each for an exam unless i came in to the shot clinic   well i said the hell with that   my vet's office is on the other side of town where i used to live   20mins to the westside  i now live on the eastside   so add gas to the $200 bill, NO WAY!!!   i called a pet supply store just down the street and they still have shot clinics  PLUS i know the veternarian who does the shots   when i lived out in the mountains she was my vet then   so i'm going to hook up with her from now on for their medical needs   VCA West Mesa Animal Hospital has gotten OUTRAGEOUS!!   get this, the dogs' shot at the clinic down the street will only cost me $80 tops or less   anyways this is GOOD   AWESOME in my book   walking your fingers thru the yellow pages saves sum money..OH YEAH BABY!!!


lv2trnscrb said...

cute dogs!! outrageous prices for shots!! Koda (our corgi) is up to date on his shots, but needs his annual checkup; I've been putting it off; he's healthy, but just because it costs an arm and a leg and then they talk you into blood tests, etc, but I'll get it done by the fall :)


jmorancoyle said...

     Save where you can. Nothing like a good rot.

ksquester said...

thanks for posting pictures of your babies.  AS you know, I love the dogs.  Anne