Thursday, June 16, 2005

Almost forgot...

in the news today, locally, Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas, and Kathy del Castillo are in town shooting scenes fro a movie   wish i had known about Antonio earlier   i would have greeted    anyways, i forget sometimes that alot of movies are made in new mexico or portions of films filmed here   i also keep forgetting that Julia Roberts, Shirley McLaine and other stars i don't know live in this state   i think Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have lived here at times   can't remember    it would be nice to bump into one of these stars one day, but i'm just fine not doing so as well   our state is beautiful and an attraction to the meantime, it's getting over 90 degrees again-ugh!   today i was up at the mtn base delivering mail so it wasn't too bad, but once i came in further, the heat was ON    i left my kids inside in the air    i just think it's too hot for them to be outside even tho i know people here leave their dogs and pets out in this heat    maybe i spoil them too much  maybe not...anyways, i give them all the TLC i can....i got the blues this afternoon all of sudden which is how it usually happens    reading everyone's journal tonight lifted my spirits   i even got some laughs   definitely keepin aol and aol journals in my life!

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