Saturday, June 25, 2005


ok   figure it's time i tell someone about my neighbors   this would be Dell immediately next to me, and then there's Justin and his family directly across from me    don't think either care for the other, well i know they don't but frankly my dear i really don't care whether they do or not   Justin is married with 5 children, unemployed and on food stamps   Dell is my hairstylist now and our homes are connected on one side   Dell desires to put up a brick fence as well as i do, so we'll do that and share the cost of one side we share   Justin i have help me around the house with yard work   i give him $20 for odd & end jobs   works for me and i pay him when i can   he'll ask to use the phone at times and that's no problem to me   Well this si one reason Dell doesn't care for the guy    there are 3 adults living across the street with no jobs   his wife is ill and i don't know who the other woman is whether it's a friend or relative  i'm thinkin his mother or somebody must have bought the house for him   anyways it's a little like nite and day between the neighbors    i've already assisted Dell in some small way and she does cut my hair which i pay her for     i just cant' be cold, harsh and judgmental when it comes to people   i'll help anyone if i can and usually that isn't a great significance except with my best buddies    my big heart needs to be exercised somewhere even if i give it out in very small dosages   we're not without our struggles in life, they just differ with each individual   Life does not to be harder with more i befriend them both and listen to their complaints of one another   that's between them and i'm not getting in between them....i just received a plate of carne arvada (sp?) from Justin's wife   it's delicious!


jmorancoyle said...

Okay, the entry before where everyone was suppose to leave one word that they thought described you? I said good. I couldn't think of what it was I wanted to say. After reading this entry, you supplied me with the perfect word.

ksquester said...

Good for you. People don't understand others stuggles in life.....I guess Dell should consider herself lucky.  Anne

fitzzer said...

You've got such a wonderful heart! ~ Lori