Saturday, June 18, 2005


last nite Cindy invited me out for dinner and then we headed to Foley's for some shoppin   i had already bought be some new shoes before she called   need new tennies although i decided against tennies   some slip ons were just fine  on sale for $13 :-)  ..anyways we head out to Los Cuates my favorite mexican restaraunt   i don't go there often enough   it's better than Gardunos as far as i'm concerned a fancier mexican place ...anyhow we get to Foley's and there's a major sale going on   well i found 2 summer shirts and Cindy found 8 outfits totaling less than $200   she did very well  i bought mine in the men's dept, she in the women's dept   i'm just not a femme femme   i have my feminity, but i love clothes that are ready for rugged rough and tumble   outdoorsy me of course   Cindy is very femine and dresses extremely well   she needs to for her job nowadays too   as different as we are from each other, we have the best of time together   seems we have picked up from where we left off 11years ago   spending alot of time together    i'm very happy about this   she's such a Great friend   i told her that i desire to go skydiving   she said "it ain't going to happen...NO WAY"   as soon as she responded that way i was reminded that she did the same years ago   she's always looking after me , and i after her   there's a genuine concern for each other and we don't mind sharing that with one another   so after we talked about skydiving a bit more last nite, i promised her i wouldn't do that   besides i had begun backing out of the idea anyways after reading some horror stories in the news regarding skydiving accidents   so i'll just go rock climbing at least or something   the indoors rock climbing anyways    i haven't told her about that yet   but i don't think that'll be a problem   Cindy has always kept me "grounded"   i'm an adventurous woman and she keeps me from potential harm   i really appreciate her care for me ...anyways, it was another great nite spent with her   we laugh a lot too and she laughs at my sense of humor regarding my illness   only my therapist and psychriatrist have laughed as well, everyone else looks at me strange when i'm pokin' fun at my illness   hey i need my humor with this thing or i'd be sick all the time...ya know i have so much time on my hands now after work, i almost dont know what to do with myself    maybe this sunday after church i'll head out somewhere and take some photos   that would be great!  (i still miss school despite the stress i endured thru it)....well for now, it's off to work   another day  another dollar   except it being my day off it's a dollar and a half....everyone have a great day!

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ksquester said...

YES, humor is essintual to recovery, I think. Now my husband and I embrace our "nuttiness" and we are proud that it is part of us. I can't stand to be around judemental people....don't have time for them. I am glad you had a great time. I am headed off to an art show this afternoon.   Anne