Sunday, June 5, 2005

i need

i need coffee....after being in the mtns today, i'm ready for bed at 8pm, lol   i feel nature all over my face, but it's too early for bed    so i thought i'd post another photo   this is in the Arches National Park   the individual posing is my baby sister   she looks nothing like me and she's much taller than me, or the rest of us except dad    ....anyways, i've definitely decided to move back to the mountains, if i didn't mention this already   i'm excited   now the question is when   previous plans A, B, &C have changed  i will first start with this week being over   a couple cards should play out and open up the direction better as to what my next steps will be   the only way i won't go back there would be if my therapist is strongly against it, but the last time we briefly talked about it a few months ago, she didn't seem to think it was a bad idea   i know what to do with when depressed  it's only the really, extremely bad days that the only place good is cuddling with my dogs and that can be in any home...i'm higher than a kite right now despite being sleepy   and NO it's NOT drugs    it's a all NATURAL high i get anytime i'm in the mountains   High on Life!  high on the fresh mtn air, the pine and evergreen scents, the birds singing & playing, the clouds adrift in their pillowy soft cotton swabs, wood burning and all the high i get from being out there  words fall short   i've been getting naturally high since i moved to washington state and fell in love with the mtns there   why people need drugs is beyond me   nature is free also   just get out in it!   ...and while i'm thinking of it   from the bottom of my heart thank you all j-landers who support my journal and me   i'm sooo happy Gina introduced me to j-land awhiles back   i look forward to all your journals and your comments in mine   you all are truly great people   your support does me wonders   thanks a tons! for my coffee   i have a couple things to do before hitting the sack....laterz

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jmorancoyle said...

Wow. That place looks like heaven on earth.