Wednesday, June 15, 2005

pulp fiction

well i finally saw this movie, 'pulp fiction' last nite   maybe it was my mood or something, but it didn't stand out to me as i remembered all the hype to it    o well   think my movie tastes have changed somewhat    nowadays i just desire to see pure entertainment that doesn't require one to think   anyways, it didn't cost me a dime to see this movie   it was on cable tv and i stumbled on it   ...i started feelin better too about 9pm last nite  almost fully recovered so now i wonder if i should stay home one more day or go ahead to work   will let the doc decide that this morn  ....well i picked up my new futon covers  i love 'em   a little darker than i remembered, but still great   more of a chocolate cover  plus i love that they're water repellent   will be much easier to keep clean with all my dogs' hair too  just a wipe with a damp towel  ...i actually sat on my couch last nite to watch the movie   it was very relaxing, but before that i was watching CMT , a country music video station    they played one of Bruce Springsteen's videos   it was very good and i remembered how beautiful that man is   he definitely has Soul   i don't listen to him much and some of his music is to hard rock for me, but i still enjoy most of his music   it's been a looong time since seeing him   will now need to get his latest cd   i only have 2 as it is, but need to add more to my music collection   one day i hope to catch up my music collection to the same number of books i have, over a hundred   it was very relaxing to sit and watch and listen to the videos yesterday   just what i needed  usually it's the radio or my own cds i listen to   need to do more CMT and get up to date on the latest music  music heals the Soul   great relaxer too.....well i'm off to catch up on my journal alerts waiting to be read   have a great one   cya laterz!

p.s.  i miss being in school....

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jmorancoyle said...

I agree with you about Pulp Fiction. Never understood all of the noise about it. Other than the fact that it was told backwards, it was an all right story. I love Bruce Springstien, though. And I love hard rock. Glad to hear you're feeling better.