Sunday, June 12, 2005

here comes the rain

blitz02   here comes the rain, and i'm fallin for you   like the rain i'm fallin for you....came out of the movie last nite, Sahara,  and it was lightening beautiful and the rain  smelled sooo good  refreshing to the soul   thought it was going to do this all day today, but apparently the storm moved on   the storms out west are sooo beautiful in their thunderous selves   it's electric, moving and grand to watch lightening striking all across the skies   and it isn't just one strike here and there   they strike miles across the land   it was just as wonderful to watch as i sat with Cindy having coffee at Whataburger's   the movie was Great!  it was showing at the dollar movie and i had forgotten about seeing it   haven't seen a good flick in quite awhiles   definitely worth seeing again and owning once it's out on DVD or VHS    still need to buy that DVD player  in time   not really pressing, but may be helpful once i start watchin movies again   i go thru spurts, then it's back to my books....anyways, in the meantime i think i've come up with a compromise about moving to the mountains   as kathleen my therapist reminded me, i moved down from there because of isolation   granted i think my illness was my main downfall for that, but i don't want to isolate myself again   i'm torn actually  but what i did creatively think of was moving to the base of the mountain over next to where i work   that's the east side of town   that would give me that fresh mountain air i so desperately need for my Soul as well as easy access to trails headed up into the mountains   i would be reminded constantly of their grandeur presence and be in the mountains more often   the other upside would be Cindy being down the street from me so to speak   my heart aches for my mountains, yet i must be wise   got i miss them   maybe if i get a man sooner than later and we could move up there   i'm saying a prayer for guidance and i'll be on my way somewhere, some place with the mountains...speaking of prayer, i need to get ready for church   it's been a long while since going    i'm excited, nervous, just plain anxious about going   for some reason i still have mixed feelings about going to church at times   probably residue left over from my illness actually, but it doesn't make it any easier   as much as my spirituality was mixed in with my psychosis, the scars remain   hopefully one day will come that church and my spiritual journey will not be triggers of old i'm off   everyone have a great sunday!

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