Tuesday, June 14, 2005


ok i make it to work this morn only to soon thereafter become ill   i think i have the crud but won't know for sure till manana   i do have an apptment with the doc   i can't seem to figure if it's stress or the crud   i came home from work and even after a nap i'm still dizzy    so i'm hopin i at least get to the store for some jello which is the only thing that sounds tasty right now   will wait a smidgens longer before i take that trek.........in the meantime i finally made  a decision regarding the mtns   i owe it to myself to at least try livin in the mtns again   so i'm goin' to rent up there before buying land and placing a home   this will let me test the 'isolation' theory   well it isn't really a theory   it is THE reason i moved down from the mtns 6years ago, but i'm inclined to think that had more to do with my illness and the state i was in than anything else  i'm optimistic, hopeful, yet scared of the idea of moving back there  i won't go near where i lived before   i've already checked out that situation and it triggers too many memories from my illness   plus i'd rather be closer to the mtn itself in lieu of more plateau and country   so soon i'll be off to discover what's available out there   i had already made a phone call a few weeks ago and know of one place   so i'm excited and scared and excited   but one more thing that's required before i move up there and that is to be able to have my aol connection   i have lots of aol buddies to chat with and i love my j-landers and adding entries to my journal   i love all the connections   so i will be checkin it all out for sure   anyways, i'll keep you posted on everything and when i'll be movin   not sure of when that will happen    hopefully it'll be sooner than later    delivering by the base of the mountain this past week has done me great wonders   so i know i need to be at least there....well i just got a call from the Futons place  my new covers are in and i'm headed for jello....take care ya'll      

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ksquester said...

YOU take care of YOU!!!  (and you better have AOL wherever you move) We need to check on each other and I love your posts and pictures.  Anne