Friday, June 10, 2005

school's out

ok  i know, i just wrote an entry about beginning class again    well yesterday i saw my therapist finally    (she is well, thank God)    we discuss school and me moving to the mountains   she felt strongly about me taking a break from school   she says i take on too much sometimes   my reply, i used to be able to manage it all   well nowadays i know i need not do as much and i'm not able to take on as much due to my blues  so i thought about what kathleen had to say about school then called the school counselor   we decided for sure that i'd take off about 6months   it may not be that long for i'm praying my medical retirement will be in effect before then and then i'm immediately back in school   school is like a 20hr parttime job and i must stick to 40hrs of work only per week    i haven't totally done that yet    so right now, i'm going to taper off the work hours again, and rest   it'll give me time to work on some personal things as well and read all the books i have purchased    i need the r & r right now   i'll have a fun summer   take road trips and shoot photos   but i will be back in school ASAP!!!

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ksquester said...

I THINK she gave you good advise. You need some R&R.  Anne