Tuesday, June 21, 2005


it rained today to my surprise   i either missed the forecast or it came unexpectedly   the clouds rolled in   lightening struck, thunder rolled and it poured buckets which is the norm when it does rain here   it's so Refreshing....it really koooled off the heat   i did get somewhat wet delivering mail since i didn't take my rain gear   fortunately i had my ever handy sweatshirt i threw on once my shirt was soaked  todays rain drops were golf size sometimes   although i was in/out of the vehicle with dismount delivery i still got soaked   nice change   and i'm wondering with as much moisture we've had thus far whether we will have a true monsoon season this summer   we haven't had a good monsoon season in many years now   they're electric!....anyways,  i was sooo happy to hear that the missing boy in Utah was found today   ever since the 3yr old boy went missing in the woods a few yrs back in CO, i cringe everytime any child gets lost   that was such a very tragic story back then.....well tonight i chatted with my niece online for awhile   she desires to try out for the Olympic softball team    i didn't have the heart to tell her she probably won't make it    she hasn't been playing in awhile, but she feels she's fit for the adventure   i wished her well and that's all i could really do   suggested weight training and the such too   i wonder sometimes if her ego is inflated a bit too much like her mother's (my sister)   i admire they can think so positive of themselves, but i'm a realist   although i've been pretty good athlete in sports, i couldn't ever consider myself good enough to try out for the Olympics   plus i learned in my twenties, there is a progression in getting to where you want to be with anything including sports   hopefully just her giving the effort will suffice for her   maybe she's better than i can imagine, but i also know her mother's ego   we'll see what happens   i wish the best for her truly from my heart.....she has her work cut out for her.....anyways, that's about the news for today   i'm enjoying that kool air right now   it'll probably be really hot again manana...take care...cya!


stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, much as I agree about the reality of the Olympic thing, wouldn't it be a great entry if she made it?

Stay cool!


jmorancoyle said...

    I hope your niece proves everyone wrong, and goes on to be a really great player, a starter even. You're right about not telling her how hard this could be. There have been times when I really wanted something, that I've listened to someone else saying it'll never happen. Then when I quit before I get a chance to really find out, I'm really disappointed in myself that I didn't follow that first initiative.