Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Law of Cycles

                                         Dancing to Nature's Song

                             The world of nature moves

                           in rhythms, patterns, and cycles-

                                 the passing of the seasons,

                                 the movement of the stars,

                                the ebb and flow of the tides.

                     The seasons do not push one another;

             neither do clouds race the wind across the sky.

                                All things happen in

                                their own good time-

                             rising and falling and rising

                                   like ocean waves,

                                  in the circles of time.

by Dan Millman  "The Laws of Spirit"

it's been awhile since opening this book and i am reminded that things will happen in their own good time   i mustn't rush things   patience is a virtue   Life unfolds as it will no matter what one's plans   now is the time to reread this little book on some of Life's lessons and practices   as another thought is written in this book:  "Worthwhile goals demand effort, risk, and sacrifice.  You have to persist through fear and doubt; you have to draw on inner resources and become more than you were before. Every new challenge serves as an initiation:  You meet discouragement; you overcome discomfort, boredom, and frustration; and you find out what you're made of."    it is time i know what i can become again....


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How wonderful!!!  Anne