Thursday, June 30, 2005

glimmer of hope

well, where do i start tonight   it's 9pm and i've been home for about 10mins   i finally took the bus home from work   not knowing the schedules, the times and the bus stops i finally got on the bus at 7:15pm   one hour and 45mins later i finally make it home   granted i work and live on opposite ends of town, but....i had guessimated about an hour or little more on the bus trek, But almost 2hrs i didn't imagine   this is very interesting considering  i just bought a bus pass for the month of july   this is going to be more time consuming than originally thought   right now there's a glimmer of hope for me to get into a car manana   the guy called me this evening about our apptmnt in the morn   i told him i didn't think i'd have enough money   his reply is that there's ways of getting around that figure but would need a couple hundred less than required minimum   so i'm saying my prayers tonight that after the bills are taken out in the morn, there'll be enough for those wheels   if not, i should have it in a couple weeks and that would be only one week of riding the bus since my boss will be working the late shift next week i can hitch a ride to and from work    so please say a prayer for me   i know all will work out eventually , tomorrow would be better.....and besides  there were tooo many homies on the bus ride home   not that they scare me, it's been awhile since i've been around a fad of people   their attire was not appealing to me at all, but everyone has their fad/phase they go thru....anyways, i did get to unwind a bit on the ride home  now i have tons of energy or it's stress from riding the bus    i need to chill really bad   and i think it got over 100 degrees today-ugh!   would explain my nauseated self at times despite tons of fluids   100+ degree weather does upset my tummy easily....anyways, the weekend will be here for me in 2 days-i work saturdays but it'll be a great start if manana works out   keepin my fingers to catch up with everyone's journals...sweet dreams...g'nite


jmorancoyle said...

    Good luck tomorrow.

fitzzer said...

I've got my fingers - and toes! - crossed ~ Lori