Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the Law of Balance

Blue Mood, but i found re-reading my book, it enlightened me......

                                    I use not only all the brains I have,

                                           but all I can borrow.

                                        -Woodrow Wilson


                            The Law of Balance

                           Finding the Middle Way

                                   If gravity is the glue

                          that holds the universe together,

                                  balance is the key

                               that unlocks its secrets.

                                      Balance applies

                              to our body, mind, and emotions,

                              to all levels of our being

                         It reminds us that anything we do,

                              we can overdo or underdo,

                           and that if the pendulum

                              of our lives or habits

                           swings too far to one side,

                       it will inevitably swing to the other.

this gave me Hope tonight    a new perspective on what i'm doing and not doing in my life   i am out of balance especially my finances at the moment    although the pendulum has not swung tooo far, i am ready for it to swing the other way once more   then there can be balance practiced daily, habitually for a new change    only recently have i found the balance for my working hours   i am happier than i have been in a long time    now the next step in my journey for more balance..........the Law of Balance is in the book "Laws of Spirit" by Dan Millman    ....a new lesson for me to learn once again....

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candace636 said...

If you find the secret of balance.....let me in on it. : )