Sunday, June 5, 2005

heaven can't wait

just back from the mountains   what a day!   i first drove to where i used to live up there, almost, not quite all the way   then i went paper hunting and also stopped at a realtor's place   they gave me some numbers for those who are into rental management  none of those offices were open today so i'm calling first thing in the morn   i also drove around a bit and realized this is where i need to be  back in the mountains   this is who i am   my place my mountains   next i headed to the the Peak, Sandia Peak, 10687 ft high   had my numbers transposed so thought it was higher   anyways, on the way up there a lot of bicyclists were trekking up & down   i forgot they do this on sundays, but as i reached close to the top there was an event going on for them   there were a significant number of women too which i was happy to see  so i got to the top and hobbled in on my crutches to the gift shop   i love that gift shop  they have tons of neat stuff up there and today i bought a necklace of silver and leather    i also had lunch  black angus hamburger with the works  delicious!  o yes with some great fries too!   but food is always much better while in the mtns or soon thereafter   that fresh mountain air enhances your senses big time and really gives you an appetite too  the rewards of fresh mountain air  nothing like it   so after lunch i hobble back to my truck, pick up my camera and my sweatshirt   the sweatshirt was twofold   one the air was cool as air conditioning   awesome!  only air conditioning i like   and i needed the extra padding under my pits for those dagnabit crutches    so i ascend and descend the stairs there to get to the crest more   here a layer of rocks covers the edge of the mountain and whence i sit   it is sooo soothing while feeeling that breeze across your face with the warm of the sun too  great combination   i took some photos too for everyone laterz    the view is breath taking  so i'm curled up in my rock enjoying the moment but those damn pesty flies are buzzin everywhere   can't stand flies  don't know how horses do it with them pesty things around all the time   so after awhile, i head down the mtn   on the way down i stop at Tinkertown Museum   it's a great little's a link.....  ......this guy tinkered this whole museum   the displays are of miniature wood carvings of an old miner's town back in the day with horse and buggy as well as a circus and other town setups   blacksmith, miner's store, saloon, etc    the buildings, the people, the animals, everything in it is carved by hand, painted and/or clothed looking like doll houses with great detail everywhere   the building in which it sits is made of glass bottles,   yep glass bottles    it's a quaint little place plus there was the fortune teller, which is why i really stopped   you know the fortune teller in the movie "BIG'?   well they have one,  so i had my fortune told with 25 cents    this is what Grandma's Prophecies said:   'Beware of Friday the 13th  That's your unlucky day  Whenever it rolls around Bolt the doors and indoors stay............You are meticulous in your habits and that has brought happiness to you and those about you.  You have a fine mind and though you haven't had much formal education you have developed your brain to a great extent.  You are extremely devoted to your family and would let no stone go unturned if you could help your friends.  People appreicate your good nature, and your true friends are legion.  Your generosity has become a by-word amongst your friends.  Don't overdo it.

except for a couple items, this fits to a T    what delight!....and that was my trip to the mtns   Heaven, my heaven, can't wait!

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ksquester said...

Glad you had a heavenly day!  Anne