Sunday, June 5, 2005

Saturday 6

1. Who is the last performer you saw live in concert?  What is the last film you saw at a theater?  Which was more worth the money you paid?  last performer: Martina McBride   last film:  can't remember...which one worth more:   always a live concert!

2. What do you do more of in a typical day:  work, sleep, eat, exercise. watch TV, surf the web?  all the above except watch tv often   i get my 10mile hike at work which covers everything but the web...

3. Your office brings in a new drink machine and it's your job to fill the eight selection slots.  What drinks (non-alcholic, of course) do you select?  Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, water, fruit juices, Sprite or 7-UP

4. Take the quiz: 
What is your expression number?   Do you agree with the description it gives you?  What do you disagree with most?   my number is 1...well they got me partly right:  original, natural capacity for leadership, assertive & straight forward, self-confident, self-reliant, reaches for the sky with potential to reach the other parts i disagree with:  skills to be a top executive, self-centered a bit, and having a strong dominant streak pushing others away at times= does not apply....

5. Counting all light fixtures and lamps in your home, how many bulbs do you have in place, and how many of them are on right now?   none on....about 15

Laura: What is your favorite movie line ever and why?   May the force be with speaks for itself.

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