Wednesday, June 15, 2005


cats eyes animated gif  although they say these are cats eyes, they remind me of wolves   i love wolves and bears and eagles   i have wolves and eagles at the moment as the decor for my living room   I AM a Nature person and all of it's natural beauty including the wildlife, or should i say especially the wildlife   i fell in Love with it all at age 13 when my father tooks us to the Great Smoky Mtns   even got to see Bear on the roadside   all of that Love was re-ignited when i was stationed in Washington state   Aside from my dogs, that is the best Love i've ever had i believe   anyways, you may understand my need and heart felt desire to move back to the mtns   i'll get there and until i do, think i'll head there at least every other sunday the meantime, back in the city....went to the doc this morn   i definitely had a virus   it's already beginning to clear up   was informed to stay home from work and hydrate myself some more before returning to the heat   i hadn't even thought of that although i'm already dehydrated   so that will be my day and piddling around the house while listening to music   i'm actually in a creative mood, so must find something creative to do sometime today   i will also finish my book, 'A Return to Love' by Marianne Williamson   only have one chapter left   then i can move onto another book   maybe adventure this time.....well take care....laterz

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