Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Pacifier

another movie last nite   'the pacifier' with van diesel   first movie i've seen of his  it was cute and sweeet   i recommend it for families and those that like warm fuzzies  it was 75 cent nite at the theatre so i invited Cindy and off we went   my car began overheating a bit before the movie and was still hot after the movie   so figured i needed some oil   will double check it this morn again before headin out for work ....this photo was taken in the town of Madrid in their museum display  it's an old miner's town about 5mins long if that   quaint little place and a pleasure to visit from time to time   it's considered a ghost town although it is populated and thriving  i loved this scene with the old garage and gas pump   had to take a photo shoot of it   there's lots of places, ghosts towns i have yet to visit in new mexico   will be great for photography and once i retire i will be venturing out to them   they'll make great day trips for discovering, exploring and have a hell of a good time   there is sooo much history in our country   and i still have yet to make it to our nations capitol   one day   and then there's all the civil war battlegrounds   if you haven't voted in the Best American series yet, please do   there are some great Americans listed including some modern day people like Oprah and Lance Armstrong...anyways, i'll be anxiously waiting for my retirement to come along and to travel the state especially the back roads where there is tons to discover   more ancient ruins, towns, and national/state parks to explore   speaking of retirement , there's some paperwork i need to complete and return    let me get to that right now   everyone have a great day or evening   truly "may the force be with you"....

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