Sunday, June 5, 2005


last nite i couldn't fall asleep right away   I REMEMBERED more of my happy times out in the mountains   so now, i'm seriously considering the possibility   i've left a message with my therapist so we can talk about the pros and cons relating to my illness...I was sooo happy out there and my spirit is begining to soar again just thinking about it   i'm definitely headed to the mountains and will pick up a Quick Quarter and/or Thrifty Nickel to find a place to live   that's how i found my house out there before   i already picked up a sunday journal here in the city   how can you beat the memories  especially like the squirrel getting stuck so to speak between my house and porch   i came home with groceries and kept hearing some major chattering   well i found the squirrel   so i tried budging it out with a broom handle, ever so gently, but no so luck    ok so i thought it was my dogs, put them in the house   tried the broom again, no luck   ok i put my cats in the house   well damn if that squirrel didn't come out from the porch then just sat there and smiled at me   it didn't run from me   just sat there next to the porch    i told it had til morning to get movin on and not to go under my house through crawl hole   i'd be closing that up again   went in the house and by mornin it was gone    there's so much adventures just in nature playing out it's scenario    and the coyotes have their own special howl i remembered   sorta like howlin and yelpin together   beautiful music   O God  mountains here i come    for now, coffee and searchin the paper    have a great day yall!

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lacaza3 said...

I wish you lived closer to me...I come see you and bring my kids over...we could hang outside watch them play have coffee..
Donna In TEXAS