Sunday, June 19, 2005


just finished talkin' with my Mom   she's doing ok and had a great day at the "picnic"   the picnic being the bbq for Jaydin my little great nephew who turns 5 this Sept  she took him and his sister Maechala , 3yrs old, some water guns and they had a blast   it'll be great to see those kids this year   it's been a couple yrs since seeing them   99.9% of the time when i see my family it is when i head back to see them   most are in kentucky, across from Cincinnati and in Dayton OH ....anyways, after all these years that i've been out west, mom still wants me to move back there   i mentioned i was trying for early retirement and that was her reply   i suppose i'm her favorite of the kids because my father chose my other siblings has his favs, or so i've heard   i don't care to get into who's the favs of who   doesn't matter to me  that only keeps envy going and i don't bother with any of that...anyhow, mom would like to pick up where we left off before i left home at 18yrs old    Life has changed since then for me   i've changed and not sure we can ever go back so to speak   i told her once i retire, i'll just have to come visit more often or fly her out here at times    i may go back there to tend her when she gets older, BUT i must give that a lot of thought   it would only be temporary if i do   i'll keep the doors open and see what unfolds   there's still time   my parents are still young   they both turn 65 this year    there can be other options for taking care of mom when the time comes   i will know when that time arrives, but now is not the time   i would not be a happy camper back with family   i love them dearly,'s a looong story   so in the meantime, i'll just visit and stay in touch   God really knows what's best   i will allow God to be my guide when it comes to my family   it was a good conversation tonight with my mother   it's been a long time since we really chatted at any length   she's in my thoughts and prayers ...and always in my heart


ksquester said...

Hey, I was born and raised in Kentucky. In Lexington and my husband in Harrodsburg. I left when I was a teenager (many moons ago) and just go back every now and then. Whenever I go back, I think that it will be the last time. I am glad I don't live in the same town as they do, it's just better for my mental health. If the truth be known, it's probably better for my Moms mental health too. Anne

lacaza3 said...

Sometimes family can bring the worse out in lol
At least for me:-)
Donna In TEXAS

kkasey47 said...

Sometimes distance between family can be good...If ou know what I mean. My Mom lives about 14 miles away from me..close enough but far enough and thak God for answerig machines. It doesn't mean I don't love sometimes is better to have a little distance for my own mental health..........................Kasey