Thursday, June 16, 2005

Silver Star Awarded to Woman

ok   in the news today is the story of Sgt Leigh Ann Hester who received the first Silver Star by a woman since WWII for her duty in Iraq   here's the link to the story:

first my congrats to this young woman and her bravery!   second, i hope this story will enlighten America on women in combat   in iraq there's not much distinction with 'front lines' and when will our govt allow us to fight in combat anyways, frontline and all?  if i could, i'd be there fighting with our troops   as an all volunteer military why not allow women who choose to be in combat be there   train them support them for those who'd fight along with our men  Volunteer is the emphasis here   not that i'd be wanting to be a hero, but if it's in my heart or it's in any other woman's heart, to serve with our comrades, then i feel it should be done   we have to prepare ourselves in the event of war for the most part like the men, let us be there is what i say   you never know when the enemy shows up on your front door as it is in iraq  i feel women can and have proven they can do just as good a job as men   nobody wants to be in war, but why do the men have to sacrifice more than women ....i know i've put myself out on a limb here, but women have been in wars for decades, prepare us completely for them....

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jmorancoyle said...

     I think at this point, it is too hard to remove women from the fighting and put them back where it's 'safe'. This sargeant is a very brave individual.