Wednesday, June 29, 2005

long hot day

at the moment i'm chillin after a very long hot day   although i wasn't in the sun all day, i was in it at its peak time   fortunately there was a breeze which kept it cooler than it actually was    they've put me back on my route, walking 10miles plus a day and it's wearing me down daily   about 6months ago i noticed a decrease in energy  just that change again i suppose due to age   as much as i love the walking, it's tougher nowadays to endure, but i do endure   i just come home and sit for the rest of the day which is what i'm doin right now   body's too tired to do anything else although i must sweep the floor and do some laundry tonight   i'm also dying for some milk at the moment   so will walk to the store and get some for bedtime.....after days of much thinking and a conversation with my friend Steph i'm going to delay a bit getting another vehicle   i keep comin up just short to pay cash for a beater and i really don't desire to have another car note    my unofficial boss is picking me up in the morn and i just got the bus schedule for riding home    i'll be fine and will use this opportunity to catch up on some other bills   i realized a few days ago that i've been in a vicious financial cycle and now is the perfect time to get out of it   my boss and i riding together does us both good for different reasons   without a car note, i can pay off some bills rather quickly   i'm only talking a few paydays and then i'll get into a car again    Change is much needed for me right now and i'm going to make the best of it Right Now   the most important thing is i have my house   i can take of the basic necessities at the moment and pay off bills-yeah!   i hate debt except a house payment....reading my book The Laws of Spirit gave me a new perspective on my journey in life   i realized i've been doing instant gratification alot recently in lieu of enduring the long haul of things   so now i'm ready to make the sacrifices i need in order to get where i desire to be again with my life, especially finances right now    there was a time in my life where i lived simply   i didn't have all the debt i have and i saved and paid cash for things   a couple months ago i remembered all this and knew this is the goal in my life i desire again   Now the opportunity has arrived   Now is the time to begin those steps again   otherwise it's back into the vicious cycle and i've had enough of that   i've learned greatly these past 2 months   now i will know what i'm made of again   i'm up for the challenge  i'm ready....Life is Good.....


fitzzer said...

Hi there - just wanted to say thx. Now I'll try to shut up and stop whining :) And call the dentist back too.

I hope you'll write more about the book you're reading - interesting! Good luck with your new life path - it sounds wonderful! hagn ((hugs)) ~ Lori

jmorancoyle said...

    There's an old saying. When God closes a door, he opens a window. Good luck with everything.