Friday, June 3, 2005

another day n paradise

i write this entry in my fav color purple, BUT it deserves black i think   anyways i need the color to soothe me after 11hours at work   it's 9pm and i just got home   i thought i was having a good day until i returned to the office and remember the route adjustments which meant we had to redo our labels on our case and change the dividers and change the whole damn case around    a 'case' is our cubicle with filing like shelves on them which we sort our mail by the line of travel of the route   the stuff not presorted which is still quite a bit   anyways, because everyone was doing 12hrs today i had to do my time too   well they've been working people 12 all week long, but especially tonight for the entire stations routes had to be relabeled for all the new adjustments to them   they take effect manana and it was a must do assignment tonight after deliverying our routes    so that's 11hours on my feet   so now i sit for a few moments to rant, rave and whatever about paradise and to unload my feet  ....well today they let me do MY route   i've been unofficially taken off it, but after learning today the guy who was delivering it did NOT renew his casual contract, i think they'll let me deliver it for awhile at least    it was great to see all the customers again, especially my little buddy Chad (4yrs old)   i must write about him another time ...after delivering my route i had to go help a rookie and i was thinking   back in my early days at the p.o. we didn't get help as a rookie   as a rookie i went and helped everyone else out after delivering a route   now it's totally the opposite   we old pros go help out the rookies  GO FIGURE   and figure this   this young rookie i assisted today, young healthy athletic built hunk of a guy didn't even finish one street before i sorted mail for me and another carrier and went and delivered another street of his   there's something wrong with this picture   it has been for awhile   is it me or is young help these days not like it used to be?   and i was taking my time on that last park & loop go figure?   in my day, we had to make the cut, or you were out of there   nowadays, they seem to be happy that the rookies just hang it out no matter how loooooong it takes them or poor performance is done  Go Figure   well i know why they keep them, BUT I DON'T AGREE WITH IT!.....anyways,  i worked hard today   for years i've loved the hard work at the p.o.   but i started learning after the first 7yrs there, that the reward is truly self satisfaction   the rewards come from your customers and your pride in your job, not really anywhere else   i learned it doesn't pay so to speak to bust my ass there, although i still do a damn good job just a tad slower than when i was younger   i felt for a long time i was doing something really worthwhile   my experience with my illness changed my perspective   i am still doing something worthwhile, but i know there are better things in life and ways to live   it's been the last 6 months that my illness has taught me that i must do less hours in order to be less blue   there's been only one year that i really minded all the extra hours, but that's another story   otherwise i haven't minded the 50-60hr work weeks    i could still do it now, but then i'll be depressed more often   now i will slow down to 40hrs a week after this week and be content with that    my health has priority now and i must take care of me   it will all be eventually ok with me,  it is already    for months, maybe a year, i've been torn about living up to my previous work ethics and schedule  it's been a long struggle, but i finally came to my senses   40hrs is all i can handle now, otherwise be now, i do what i can and be happy with that   besides i've always believed there's more to life than just the job   never been happy with that idea since childhood watchin my parents be gone to work all the now, onto other Life adventures   i'm looking forward to them   hurry up retirement!   LOL


jmorancoyle said...

Hi; Hope your feet are feeling better. Relax and take it easy for the weekend.

fitzzer said...

Hang in there, hope you have a chance to relax over the weekend. Take care! ~ Lori

delela1 said...

Boy, I've been away for quite awhile!  I see you got your picture in About Me!  It looks great, I like that pic of you.  And I see your getting the hang of adding pics to your journal as well.  Great job!

Sounds like your day at work was very stressful and demanding.  Hang in there!  Unfortunately, change is a way of life.  If nothing changed, there'd be no butterflies.


lacaza3 said...

The key is to find a balance between work and play..We all have a problem with that especailly us woman who are mothers... we have husband kids animals the house everything comes before us...I Totally understand where your coming from...Working for a unflexiable company is hard I know I worked for sbc... I missed so much of my children lives working...
Come to texas girl there is moutains desert you name it Ha!!!
Donna In TEXAS
I would love for you to come down and teach me how you take pictures...
Have you thought of giving people lessons...Especially teenagers who have a geuine interest...its rewarding to teach others..makes you feel like you matter...and you matter to me