Saturday, June 25, 2005

the saturday six

Picture from Hometown


1. Yesterday, I linked to the journal "Mall Of America," a collection of photos from shopping malls of the 1960s and 1970s.  What store do you associate most with your childhood in terms of happy memories and why?  Is the store still around?
     i think the store was called Ben Franklin's   a five and dime store   the country atmosphere and the best penny candy
2. What song makes you the most emotional and why?
   'American Soldier' by Toby Keith    it puts me right in the soldiers shoes and i'm always thinking of our troops in iraq
3. Take the
quiz:  What year were you born under, and what year should you have been born under?
       You Were Actually Born Under: You are totally loyal, faithful, and honest.
However, you don't trust others to be as ethical as you are!
Straight forward and direct, you really aren't one for small talk.
You are a great listener - and an agreeable companion when you're in a good mood!

You are most compatible with a Tiger or Horse.
You Should Have Been Born Under:
No worries, you're not really pig-like in your personality.
(Though you have been known to have a healthy appetite!)
You are highly intelligent - forever studying and gaining knowledge.
You have a heart of gold and you are appreciated by many.

You are most compatible with a Rabbit or Goat.

4. What time do you typically wake up each day?  What is the latest you're normally able to sleep?  How many hours of sleep do you get in an average night?   lately i've been waking up about 6am yet i still sleep in til about 9am sometimes   my sleep pattern is a mess but calming down   i always must have 8hrs sleep but will sleep 12hrs at times for no apparent reason

5. What frightens you the most about getting older?
     really not being able to do what i most enjoy like hiking and such   it's already begun to happen a bit due to my weak left leg   that is the femur i broke in my younger years   nowadays i can only walk about 3 hours before i'm limping all the time   i still desire to backpack the Grand Canyon and will even if i gimp most of the trip....
Debi:  If you found the house of your dreams, right price, then discovered that a murder or suicide had taken place in the house, would you still consider buying the house?    No!   i could not live with the memory of that in my house....

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