Monday, June 20, 2005

hotter than hell!

yep  it was a very hot day for our first official day of summer   weather forecast was for 97 degrees, but i swear it must have gotten hotter than that    i've heard when it's hot and humid its the worse, however on days like today i tend to disagree   at least with humidity there is moisture   here in the desert its totally DRY!   can't keep hydrated enough while delivering mail   well its' here now   although i had my 52oz coke mug And my 1/2 gallon jug of water, it wasn't enough    i welcome anyone here to our desert and i shouldn't complain because in Phoenix AZ it's even worse   they average over 100 degree weather throughout the summer    don't know how the letter carriers do it down there   anyways,  Girlfriend agreed with me about the heat today and she served in iraq where the average temp was 120 degrees   guess i'm still that cold weather person i grew up to be....anyways,  i won't be movin' back to KY for sure    i talked with Cindy for a bit about it,  i just can't do it   granted i was born in that state, but is it me or are people back there 'different'   maybe it's my prejudicial point of view from my own family who i label 'hillbilly'   anyways,  i'm soooo too happy to be out west and a bonafide westerner now, that no mountains could move me back east or mideast/midwest   my Spirit is free out here and i must keep it that way for my own sanity or what's left of it....may the sunrise and set daily in its majestic settings and be blessed wherever you are happy!


ksquester said...

No, it's not YOU and yes, they are "diffurnt"........not all, just a select few. The first thing I notic when I go back is the accent that everybody has. The second thing is that everybody seems to smoke......and it's allowed everywhere. The malls reek of cigarette smoke. Also try asking somebody for directions that has lived there all of their life, but has never ventured out of a 5 mile radius. <sigh, and insert my Mother in here> I like having my desert home in Scottsdale....go there in the winter. I love the West too!  Anne

karebear4x4 said...

THANKS ANNE!   i knew you would know   well we kentuckians will just have to stay out WEST now:-)!kbear