Thursday, June 2, 2005

Women's College World Series

ok i'm watchin the world series softball for women    i'm reminscencing when i played for about 25years    i played it sooo long that  i still miss it from time to time   there were some good times, and then there was the crap i dealt with too  too many egos getting in the way and bitchy women    i don't miss that at all    i'd play past 40, but the women i knew were die hards and still very serious about the game thinking they could play the same level as the young ones  Get a grip!   i'm competitive, but only desired to play for the pure enjoyment   not a die hard here    so enough of the die hards and the bitches, i 'retired'   maybe when i turn 50, i'll go back to the game   but for now i'm content to watch....i love how far women's sports has come since my day   it's great for character, strength, comradeship and just plain FUN!

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